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 DELTA engineering

It is not enough just to do something. It is important to do it quickly and efficiently. Sometimes we change vision of clients about their needs. The project is not a dogma, but a reason for speculation. Sometimes it needs to be improved, but sometimes it does not need to be complicated. Our task is to turn ideas into real solutions that work effectively for the business owner.

  • search for construction sites
  • preliminary presentation of the project to a customer
  • adaptation and inspection of conformity of the technical documentation of non-resident organizations to domestic regulatory documents
  • preparation of project documentation for tenders
  • evaluation of the financial feasibility of the project
  • analysis of the project impact on the environment
  • project location analysis
  • strategic planning
  • examination of project documentation

Construction sector is one of the most complex areas of business, including the complex set of interactions between clients, contractors, material suppliers and others. Therefore, the current construction market requires highly qualified and professional counseling, which helps minimize investment risks and assess the current state of construction in progress.

Delta-Engineering construction consulting will make it possible to determine condition and quality of the construction project at all stages, from the analysis of the business concept to commissioning of the object. Consulting services range from solving local problems to large-scale studies.

We identify three main areas of construction consulting:

  • building audit of projects;
  • construction and technical expertise of construction facilities;
  • construction consulting of investment projects.

In the process of carrying out construction audit it is required to conduct a complex and independent analysis of project estimates, initial permitting, executive and other documentation for compliance with existing local law requirements. In particular, for compliance with building rules and regulations, state standards, territorial building norms and others. Independent assessment of the timing, cost, volume and other financial and technical parameters of the construction is also performed. The final result of a building audit is a report of our experts with conclusions and recommendations regarding the audit. Building audit is an effective tool for identifying deviations made during the preparation of the construction project and execution of construction and assembly works, as well as for estimating damages caused by such deviations.

Construction and technical expertise is a technical inspection of building objects, including visual, full technical inspection with the use of special equipment and techniques to identify violations and defects in the process of construction or reconstruction. This examination is focused on determining the quality of construction and assembly works and their compliance with building rules and regulations, state standards, and territorial building norms. In addition, construction and technical expertise makes it possible to evaluate compliance of the object with the declared operational specifications.

The objects of such research are:

  • land plots, which are the places for conducting researches (engineering and geodetic, geological, environmental, radiological, etc.)
  • buildings (residential, public, administrative, industrial, storage, etc.)
  • facilities
  • linear facilities (pipelines, roads and railways, power lines, etc.)
  • engineering networks (a set of structures used in the process of heat, gas, electricity and water supply, sewerage, etc.)

To achieve the desired goal, preserve investments and protect the interests of all parties of the project, investment projects require involvement of specialists from construction consulting at all stages of the project implementation. Consultations of our experts at the initial stages make it possible to assess the effectiveness of future investments, identify and minimize risks of project implementation. While preparing design and estimate documentation, the task of construction consulting is to provide the customer with high quality design solutions with optimal technical and economic indicators. In the process of construction and assembly works, consulting services are focused on compliance with the project implementation schedule and the project budget.

Delta Engineering offers construction consulting on separate stages of project implementation or its components and as the complex – from creating a business plan to commissioning of the construction object.

We have a great experience and unique approach to providing our customers with consulting services in construction. We will help identify potential problems at the early stages and help our customers avoid them. We build relationships on an individual basis with each our client, offering a range of services that are most suitable for his / her needs. This is what distinguishes consulting services in construction, provided by experts of our company.

  • conceptual design
  • development of the project, stage "Project"
  • development of the project, stage "Operational documentation"
  • the interior design
  • preparation of project documentation for approval by the regulatory authorities

Designing is our core activity, where we have proven ourselves as professionals. Designing activities are based not only on designing experience, but also on understanding all the nuances of the construction process. That is why we guarantee development of real and optimal projects.

Designing - is the foundation of any work related to construction or reconstruction of buildings. Customers organize preparation of the documentation under the contract with the general designer.

The process of designing and preparing documentation includes several stages, including drafting, coordination and defense of the project in the state expertise authorities, development of operational documentation of the project.

When preparing project documentation, its approval by the competent authorities and the development of operational documentation, we perform the following tasks:

  • develop space-planning decisions;
  • draw up a sketch plan and the layout of objects;
  • develop architectural and construction solutions;
  • develop technological solutions and solutions of engineering equipment;
  • prepare project documentation for submission to the state expertise authorities;
  • develop operational documentation based on the approved project documentation;
  • carry out all the necessary calculations; prepare graphs, sketches and drawings;
  • develop specifications of materials and equipment;
  • draw up an estimate and prepare project feasibility study.

Our staff consists of highly qualified specialists, engineers, designers, lawyers, technicians who have the necessary experience in the preparation of design and operational documentation. That is why the prepared documents will be of high quality and completeness.

We understand that the timely construction and commissioning of the facility, its safety for human health and the environment depend on quality of the documentation and that is why we prepare the project and operational documentation so that the building facility will be constructed on time, with proper quality and in accordance with the given budget.

  • design and calculation of building constructions
  • design and calculation of engineering networks and communications
  • development of general layouts
  • landscape designing
  • conservation and environmental design
  • energy saving technologies

Engineering design – is a set of measures that includes the process of formation plans, specifications of various engineering networks and systems; charts and drawings that are necessary for creating documents used for construction or reconstruction, with strict observance of laws and technical standards in accordance with the permits.

Engineering design – is quite responsible and complex activity that requires from the designers compliance with all applicable regulations, law requirements and existence of permits, compliance with the requirements of the law.

Properly prepared engineering project gives a complete picture of all the necessary construction and assembly works, the right equipment and the cost of resources, equipment and materials.

We provide services of engineering design of objects of any complexity, type and destination, including residential and commercial facilities.

  • construction planning
  • technical supervision
  • representation of the customer interests
  • cost management
  • valuation
  • construction Management
  • control over the contracts execution
  • legal support of the projects
  • collecting initial data and commissioning
  • reduction of project timing

Management of construction projects includes the full range of works, starting from the concept of the future project, design, construction, technological equipping and to commissioning.

As excess profits are gone, issues of saving resources and predictability of the timing of projects are becoming more and more important.

Previously, if the profitability was 300% or more, investors could afford the loss of a significant proportion of profits by ineffective implementation of the construction projects, but today every percent is essential. Accordingly, investors want to manage projects in such a way that they could know exactly how much money they need to complete the project, when the money will bring profit and consequently - the payback period.

Two main methods of project management are usually used:

Own structure

Create a functional unit within the structure that works by learning from its own mistakes.

In this case, you have to rely on the quality of personnel, unit manager talent and a very consumable way of trial and error. You have no clear guarantees of achieving the planned goals for the term, profits, etc., because it all depends on skills, desire and decency of specific executants.

Result: money and efforts invested in the development of such structures are often inadequate and risks arising from this – much more exceed the possible economic impact.

Project Management Company

Applying the wise principle "everyone must do their work", involve external top company in project management.

The value of this method is that a professional top company manages the projects.

Our professionalism is based on three pillars:

  • use of project management tools that were created by the world's leading companies to optimize project management processes focused on minimization of expenses
  • practical experience in project management, which is irreplaceable and the company has spent years for this, improving the structure, procedures and methods of work
  • analytical database of previously completed projects that includes documentation, regulations, process analysis, conclusions regarding optimization of work and other extremely valuable information for the development of future projects.


You receive exactly designed project with clear predicted parameters for expenditure, timing of implementation, and expected profit. In this case, the guarantor of the project implementation is a company, not a specific executant.

Economic benefit from working with a top company several times exceeds the costs for such services.

  • energy audit
  • increasing energy efficiency
  • production of biofuels
  • cogeneration

The reduction of carbonic stocks of energy resources, environmental degradation through the huge emissions of greenhouse gases led to the development of alternative energy in leading countries. In Ukraine, the dependence on energy import is one more factor. Over the last years alternative energy sector has received support from the state in the form of the introduction of “green tariff” in electricity production and implementation of the "weighted average tariff" in thermal energy. Raising tariffs for natural gas by the government to the level of market prices also affects the development of alternative energy.

Alternative energy sources include nonfossil energy sources that constantly exist in the natural environment, such as sun, wind, water, soil, etc., and those that can recover in a short period of time – biomass.

Long-term cooperation of our company with the producers and processors of agricultural products enabled us to make a conclusion that today the development of alternative energy, and in particular, the development of bioenergy has enormous potential. The use of agricultural by-products, its waste, and cultivation of special energy crops can be an additional source of stable income, a means of improving energy efficiency and energy independence of a separate producer and the region or the whole country.

Today, energy efficiency and energy independence are becoming not just one of the competitive advantages of commodity producers but also affecting the existence of any field of activity.

In this context, Delta-Engineering offers our customers a comprehensive approach to assessing and improving energy efficiency of their business. At the initial stage it is required to perform energy audits of buildings and technological processes of the customer. The costs of all kinds of energy, their prices and rationality of their use are assessed. Their analysis is carried out, specifications and methodical references are developed for optimizing the energy consumption.

Energy characteristics of the by-products and wastes of business, opportunity, feasibility and the rationality of their use in technological processes and sales to external customers are also studied. On request of the customer, our experts can provide services on selection of efficient equipment for different types of biofuels (pellets, biogas, etc.) and for energy generation. In particular, we have processed a large database of domestic and international manufacturers of power equipment of various capacities; we have also studied their technical and price characteristics, working principle and the use of a particular type of biofuels. We will help choose effective air heat generators, heaters and steam boilers to produce heat energy, steam, gas or Organic Rankine cycle (ORC) turbines for power generation, gas-piston cogeneration units for generation of combined heat and electricity.

Delta-Engineering constantly explores the best practices in the field of alternative energy and it is ready to share it with its partners.

  • EPC/EPCM (management of engineering, constructing works and supply)
  • general contracting
  • earthworks
  • hardware manufacturing
  • production of monolithic reinforced concrete structures
  • installation of metal and precast concrete structures
  • finishing works
  • installation of equipment
  • documents checking
  • technical Inspection
  • suppliers audit
  • supervision of compliance with safety and environment regulations
  • checking design and estimate documentation

For implementation customers’ ideas in strict compliance with the prepared design and estimate documentation, our company incorporates a unit that is able to perform construction and assembly works in civil and industrial areas.

Availability of licenses, qualified specialists and own production base allows us to provide customers with a range of professional solutions of construction planning, control and implementation of works, attracting qualified subcontractors, supplying certified and high quality materials.

We perform some construction and assembly works and provide services as a general contractor.

Furthermore, our company adopts the best practices of world construction industry and offers customers a comprehensive approach to the implementation of their project.

In particular, we offer our partners to conclude so-called ЕРС/ЕРСМ contracts, according to which we commit ourselves to implement services in designing; supply of equipment, building constructions and materials; construction and construction management. In other words, we build “on a turnkey basis”. In this case, the customer can independently conduct negotiations and select suppliers and subcontractor using our advice (ЕРСМ contract) or completely delegate these functions (EPC contract) to us. Both options of cooperation with the customer are possible. As for the option with the ЕРС contract, being a general contractor we are responsible for all risks, any additional works and failure to comply with deadlines of construction and exceeding the contract price. In the second option most of these risks lies on the customer, because he / she makes the appropriate decision.

To minimize these risks, our company has the appropriate staff of highly qualified professionals capable to carry out quality control of performed works, correctness of construction documentation and estimates, the timing and volumes of building materials and processing equipment supplies.

We guarantee our customers high-quality execution of construction and assembly works in compliance with the defined timeframe and minimization of costs and risks.

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