Scope of application:

Cantilever (overturner) of bulk containers for loading into sea containers


1. Carrying capacity of 31,000 kg.
2. Trailer removal height 1 200-1 400 mm.
3. Maximum rotation angle 90 degrees. Vertical loading of container.
4. Container Tipping Hydraulic Drive: rated operating pressure 18 MPa, maximum pressure 25 MPa.
5. Hydraulic actuator-assistant for closing and opening the doors of the container.

  • Fast grain loading into containers.
  • Efficiently use container volumes. In the vertical method of loading, unlike horizontal, the container contains more grain, because the grain under its weight is tightly laid in the container. We need fewer shipping containers.
  • Accuracy of weight measurement during loading.
  • Reducing the number of employees employed in freight work without reducing the efficiency and safety of work.
  • The versatility of how to fit containers into the rollover frame, both by crane or forklift, and directly from vehicles without the use of auxiliaries.



1. Container occupancy:
- Horizontal load: 90%
- Vertical loading by cantilever: 100%

2. Number of containers used per year: 1,000
3. Container cost per container: EUR 2000

Calculation :
Annual savings = 2000 Euro * 1000 pcs * 10% = 200,000 Euro = 200,000 Euro

So, with the use of cantilever containers with vertical loading you save on transportation 200,000 Euros per year

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