Screw conveyors

Our company offers efficient screw conveyors that are ideal for the horizontal and inclined transportation of sawdust and granular materials. Our screw conveyors are custom-manufactured to meet your specific requirements and can be stationary or mobile, placed within a trough or pipe, and designed for either pulling or pushing operation.

Stationary screw conveyors, capable of handling up to 100 tons per hour, are an excellent choice for feeders, mixers, and bulk dosing applications across various industrial sectors. They ensure reliable and efficient operation within your facility.
Mobile conveyors, used in warehouses and mechanized yards, facilitate the easy loading of grain into trucks and railroad cars. Our mobile screw conveyors guarantee speed and uninterrupted material transportation, contributing to increased productivity and workflow optimization.

By choosing our screw conveyors, you can expect high quality, reliability, and alignment with your specific needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and discover the optimal solution for your business.

Advantages of Our Conveyors

  1. Mechanism simplicity for ease of operation.
  2. Ease of technical maintenance.
  3. Compact dimensions.
  4. Sealed construction for containment.

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