Bucket Elevators: Efficient Transport of Powdery and Granular Goods
Bucket elevators are a reliable and efficient means of vertically transporting powdery and granular bulk goods without the need for intermediate loading and unloading. They ensure fast and uninterrupted delivery of cargo from the point of origin to the destination.

Utilization of Grain Bucket Elevators
Grain bucket elevators are an integral part of the grain cleaning and drying process. They are widely used to prepare food crops for long-term storage in silos or grain storage facilities. These bucket elevators are equipped with equipment from reputable international manufacturers and feature explosion-proof panels to ensure safety.

Customization of Chutes and Choice of Bucket Material
Loading and unloading chutes are tailored individually for each customer, providing optimal adaptability to specific requirements. Bucket elevators are available with both metal and polymer buckets, allowing you to choose the optimal material based on your requirements and operating conditions.

Productivity and Automatic Brake Devices
Bucket elevators with a capacity exceeding 50 tons per hour are equipped with automatic brake devices, ensuring safety and speed control. Additionally, at the customer's request, sensors for support, rotation speed, belt tracking, and breakage can be installed for precise process control.

Advantages of Using Bucket Elevators
Bucket elevators offer several significant advantages. Firstly, they reduce manual labor. Secondly, they increase production efficiency as they can handle substantial cargo volumes. Thirdly, the use of bucket elevators saves valuable time, which is crucial for manufacturers.

Belt Conveyors: Efficient Transportation of Grain and Bulk Materials
Belt conveyors are another effective solution for vertical transportation of grain and its processed products. Compared to bucket options, they utilize cross profiles instead of buckets to move bulk cargo onto the conveyor belt. Belt conveyors can independently carry various cargo types and are widely used in the agro-industrial complex for the transportation of grain, oilseed, animal feed, and their components. They are also successfully applied in other industries for transporting similar bulk materials.

Chain Conveyors: Reliable Transport of Bulk Goods
Chain conveyors employ a conveyor chain with attached buckets for transporting various bulk materials. They are an excellent choice for the transportation of different bulk materials. Chain conveyors can operate within a wide temperature range, from -40°C to +40°C, making them suitable for both heated and unheated facilities, as well as outdoor areas.

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