Stripper augers

Screw conveyor or auger is a conveying device, which is used in the flour, feed and chemical industries, as well as at enterprises producing building materials. It is used to convey loose, bulk, small lumpy, dusty, powdery materials. In this case, horizontal transportation is usually up to 40 meters, and vertical - up to 30 meters. Screws are also used in mechanical engineering to convey drainage chips from machine tools.
Screw conveyors and conveyors - we have a large selection!
The screw conveyor is not recommended for use with sticky, highly abrasive and highly compacted loads.
With us you can order the screw conveyor you need and a conveyor capable of moving masses in horizontal, vertical and inclined direction. These are the most common and simple mechanisms.
The advantages of our screw conveyors are:
- simplicity of mechanism operation;
- sufficient ease of maintenance;
- small overall dimensions;
- hermetic design.
Application of screw conveyor.
Screw conveyor is effective for handling materials such as grain, flour, mixed feed, pellets, coal, sand, cement, lime and the like.
Among other equipment, we offer our customers: self-supporting belt elevator, chain conveyor for grain and flow divider at affordable prices.
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