Chain Scraper Conveyors
Chain scraper conveyors are designed for horizontal and inclined transportation of finely granulated, grainy, and chunky bulk materials. These conveyors have a transportation length of up to 70 meters and a capacity ranging from 2 tons to 1,000 tons per hour. The traction element is a roller chain, with polymer or metal scrapers attached to its outer plates. The conveyor is driven by a gearbox. The length of the conveyor, its capacity, the number of unloading and intermediate sections, and the angle of inclination are specified when ordering. The standard section length is 2 meters.
All conveyors are equipped with drive blocking devices in case of chain breakage or product jamming. The tensioning screw device is equipped with a movable rear wall that follows the contour of the scraper movement, preventing product accumulation behind the sprocket. Sections with intermediate unloading are equipped with a conveyor gate, the design of which prevents product accumulation between the gate and the section's bottom.

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