Telescopic loader

Revolutionize your cargo loading with our innovative telescopic loading device featuring a spreader, engineered to efficiently load tank cars, railroad tank cars, and hopper cars with materials possessing a natural slope angle greater than 30 degrees, such as sunflower seeds and granulated meal.
Traditionally, these materials, when freely filled, fail to occupy the container entirely, leading to increased transportation expenses and inefficient space utilization within the cars.

Our loading device is equipped with a robust spreader at its base, ensuring the uniform distribution of materials within the vehicle. This results in maximum vehicle capacity utilization, effectively reducing transportation costs.

Our operational experience demonstrates remarkable results: loading granulated meal using our system guarantees an increase in wagon weight by 5-7 tons compared to manual gravity-based loading. With the market value of soybean meal at 10,000 UAH, the loading of a single wagon yields an economic benefit of at least 50,000 UAH.

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