Project Management

The management of construction projects includes the whole package of works from the development of the concept of the future project, design, construction and equipping with technological equipment to the commissioning of the facility.

As surpluses go into the past, the issues of saving resources and predictability of project timing become more and more important. If earlier, with a level of profitability of 300% or more, investors could afford to lose a significant share of profits due to inefficient implementation of construction projects, today every percentage counts.

Accordingly, investors, when investing in projects, want to manage projects in such a way as to know exactly how much money will be needed to complete the project, when this money will start to bring profit, and accordingly — the payback period of the project.

There are usually two main ways to manage projects:

Company’s internal department
"Establishing a functional department in the organization that works by learning from its own mistakes. In this case, you will have to rely on the quality of staff, the talent of the department head and a very costly trial and error. In this case, you do not have clear guarantees of achieving the planned indicators in terms of time, profit, etc., because it all depends on the ability, desire and decency of specific performers. Result: the money and efforts invested in the development of such a department are often inadequate, and the risks that arise in this case far exceed the possible economic effect."

Involved Company (Project Management Company)
Guided by the wise principle of "everyone should do their job", there is an option to involve an external management company in project management.

The value of this method is that the management company professionally manages projects.

Our professionalism is based on three pillars:
  • Use of project management tools that were being created by leading global companies for many years to optimize project management processes aimed at minimizing costs.

  • Practical experience in project management, which can not be replaced, and the company has spent years improving the structure, procedures and methods of work.

  • Analytical database on previously completed projects, containing documentation, regulations, process analysis, conclusions on the optimization of work and other very valuable information for the development of future projects.

Result — you get a well-designed project with clear projected parameters on the cost, timing of implementation, and expected profits. In this case, the guarantor of the project is the company, not a specific person. The economic effect of working with a management company is many times higher than the cost of paying for the relevant services.
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We perform mounting works of various complexity
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